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La Habana. Text.

The faces of Cuba tell unique stories, which Stefan Gröpper has captured in an enchanting way in expressive snapshots. My words about the photographs make the touching forces behind things visible.

Text for invitation, exhibition and wall calendar.


“It is the admirable art of the Cubans to face the rapidly pulsating heartbeat of everyday life with calm and composure. Dazzling colours, fiery rhythms and pure joy of life paired with the melancholy of past weddings and daily hard work touch in a special way.

In an absurd constellation, the light-footed Caribbean lightheartedness seems to be trapped in a dreary cage of poverty, lack of future and oppression. And yet the proud, cheerful nature of the islanders manages in an amazing way to build a powerful bridge and to confront a sad hopelessness with incredible joy of life and courage.

Nothing tells the stories of Cuba as honestly and fascinatingly as the faces of the people themselves. They are a poignant expression in the midst of an everlasting balancing act between sadness and joy… “sadness and happiness”.

Stefan Gröpper cordially invites you to escape the fast moving world with Cuban snapshots.

Let yourself be enchanted by silent stories and linger inspired in reflective thoughts.”



Stefan Gröpper Photography