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Brand experience
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Authentic brand values in three-dimensional space

For more than 15 years I have been creating experience-oriented brand communication in space on an international level, as a freelance concept designer and creative director, especially in the automotive and technology sectors.

Genuine enthusiasm arises from the feeling and the authentic added value that is created through an individual experience. The quality of the experience depends on the empathy and authenticity of the communication designers themselves.

This is how I translate brand-specific contents into tangible experience spaces that reflect authenticity and value, creating a real connection in the heart.

My maxims are finely conceived communication concepts of a special kind: substantial depth is reduced to a fascinating lightness of expression. This results in easy-to-understand, authentically sustainable communications that through feeling, anchor in the heart, connect and are moving.

Creative direction, concept design and consulting

Experiential Communications. Experiental Design.

Communication and design based on experience.

For communication in space and live communication.

For Brand. Product. Corporate culture.

For Stage. Exhibition. Fair. Event.

Concept, direction, presentation and realisation. Consulting.

Overall concept, strategy, communication, creation.

Development, sparring and management of brand architecture as well as design, media and graphics.

Creation of experience-oriented stage productions and installations with artistic approach

Graduate engineer interior design.

Self-conception and focus

In my role as a concept designer I see myself as a source of inspiration and sparring for new approaches and ideas, their translation and implementation in all disciplines involved. In doing so, I act as a creative, content-related and unifying guarantor for the interdisciplinary creative process towards a conclusive, meaningful overall concept.

I am also happy to work for you as a freelance creative director, taking the responsibility for leading a team. My gentle yet goal-oriented leadership skills are focused on encouraging, accompanying and leading people with natural ease, toward the best possible result, from the initial idea to the final realisation.


Thiele & Freese GmbH & Co. KG · Brand experience · Communication · Emden 2020

Altana AG · Actega Metal Print Experience Fair · Startup brand architecture, experiential design, communication Drupa 2020 · Düsseldorf 2019

Porsche AG · Formula E Village Brand Pavilion · Media staging Formula E · International 2019

Jungheinrich AG · Headquarter Experience Exhibition Brand · Experiental design und communication · Hamburg 2018

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In my portfolio you can gain further insights on communication for people  Human experience.

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