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Authentic communication for your public visibility

Successful people and brands form their personality and expertise for their public image in a targeted manner by offering differentiation as well as knowing the wishes and needs of their target groups. They are aware of the power of their appearance, which creates enthusiasm through experience-oriented communication.

But now a component is added in the course of time: authenticity. It becomes an essential basis for success in life.

Authentic communication connects in the heart. It builds confidence. Confidence arises from a deep feeling, which is formed through experience. For me, the authentic quality of communication depends on the understanding, empathy and authenticity of the communication designers themselves.

Communications expert, speaker and intuitive guide

As an authentic communication expert, speaker and intuitive guide, I will help you to discover your authentic personality, your talents and abilities in their essence. I will define them clearly and express them in a unique way, making them more tangible.

Are you ready to show who you are?

If you wish, we can turn any hesitation and uncertainty into courage and self-confidence – precious tools that will inspire you on your journey of discovery.

You can expect a clearly focused, tangibly authentic communication that uniquely reflects your personality and your skills and inspires people for you.

A mirror that touches, inspires and connects people – with each other and with themselves.


For visibility, appeal, trust and enthusiasm.

For personalities, art, culture, design, architecture and manufacture.

For products, services, special places and moments.

For the beauty in life.
How can I inspire people for you personally? Let me surprise you.

For your inspiration... stages of communication

Exhibitions and publications such as articles, books, videos.

Stage performances for you such as speeches, laudation, moderations, interviews, talks.

Portfolios, presentations, competitions, websites, text, storytelling.

Events, jubilees, artistic stagings and much more.




For detailed project examples please click on the picture gallery below.

You can gain further insights in my portfolio for brand communication   Brand experience.

My instruments


Addressing target groups by means of text, graphics, video, images, photography, laudation, speech, staging ...


Core values. Message. Offer. Added value. Design: shape, colour, language, logo, web design ...


Transforming uncertainty into self-confidence and courage, clarity and authenticity ...

Your added value


The essence with focus on the valuable, precious, unique


Targeted visibility for people seeking your expertise


Powerful expression of your personality, talents, abilities


Fulfilment of wishes inspires - others like yourself


Authenticity creates confidence and true connection


Enthusiasm arouses desire and generates success

The journey

01 Decision

You decide to have an initial conversation with me, free of charge, by phone or via the contact form and we will set a date for our first meeting.

02 First interview

Together we will find out where you stand, and if or how I can help you to achieve your wishes and goals, to realise your project. Duration of the interview approx. 30min.

03 Getting to know each other

In this detailed conversation, in person, by telephone or via video conference, I get to know you and the task at hand. Basically there are two options:

  • Clarity: if it is a concrete project that already has a clear idea of the contents, we can start directly with my briefing
  • Uncertainty: if it is about wishes and goals whose contents have not yet been clearly defined, we will discover them in a joint brainstorming session and bring them to an initial level of clarity; alternatively, I can look over the contents I may already have received from you

At this point we decide whether I will act as an executive expert for you or whether I will provide you with my expertise in sparring.

The costs for the introductory meeting are included in the later assignment and are my personal investment in you until the assignment is awarded.

04 Cost estimate

Based on the initial interview, I will prepare a rough estimate of the costs that will be necessary for the instruments to implement your project. If you agree, you give me your order in writing and the journey can begin.

05 Strategy · Concept · Consulting

Now the concrete work starts, and I will develop the strategy for achieving your wishes and goals and the corresponding communication concept based on the results of our getting to know each other, the already existing contents and my expertise.

Or, I analyse the content you have already worked out and help you with advice and support to transform your communication into a targeted concept with a strategic background.

06 Coaching · Intuitive guidance

On optional request: any appearing uncertainties and blockages can be resolved by separate coaching and transformed into courage and self-confidence, which will bring you closer to your wishes and goals with speed.

07 Implementation

From now on, all contents of the communication concept will be worked out in detail and poured into authentic, emotional communication step by step with the necessary instruments.

08 Enthusiasm

Pure joy, touch and enthusiasm twice over: when you can see and experience at the same time yourself and others, in an authentic light with their unique values, talents and abilities.

Would you like to start immediately? Register for a free initial interview.
Touching from a distance

Laudatio exhibition

Myanmar. Moments of Gold.


La Habana. Beyond sadness and happiness.

Text exhibition