Simone Petsch

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Wiesbaden, Germany



Authentic communication makes the valuable, the precious visible.

Recognise the signs of the time: social transformation from outwardly framework-oriented to inwardly rich.
Inwardly rich means unique authentic values create true connections. In the heart.
Authenticity speaks the language of truthfulness, understanding, empathy – for others and oneself.
Experience the touching and connecting impact of authentic communication. As a person, brand, art lover.
Discover the strength of my language as artist, communications heart and intuitive guide.
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Authentic communication is a sensitive art

Authentic communication means connecting people with people, people with themselves, a brand and product, art or even culture through a truly touching experience to create a tangible, real relationship – in the heart.

Embedded in a new spirit of the times, a new demand finds its expression: a paradigm shift from a framed society to a rich one is taking place, making people demand authenticity. This will affect ourselves as well as all areas of our lives more and more.

Therefore, at the centre of my communicative and creative work is always the human being, with my focus on his authentic core and around which everything revolves: his heart, in which his being, his feelings, his wishes, attitudes and highest values pulsate.

For me, the secret of authentic communication is to sense and reflect this core in order to make it perceptible through a felt, communicative experience using a sensitive style. In my communications for brands and people as well as in coaching and my art.

In this way I consciously make the authentic, valuable visible and thus tangible in all my actions, in order to create a connection in the heart. A connection that moves and has real attraction. Inside and outside.

My communication is a mirror that touches, inspires and connects people – with each other and with themselves.

The Art of Experience. Communication that connects inwardly rich.

Art print experience

The art of the heart to go.

All my paintings have been digitalised as fine 3D scans with optically fascinating surface vividness and they are available as sophisticated art prints.

With the atmospheric light reflections of the metal foil flakes and metal acrylic colours as well as the glow of the highly pigmented acrylic colours, my art prints touch with fascinating power. For daily heartfelt joy in your personal environment.

Art experience

My art, which colourfully touches the heart with lightness.

Simone knows perfectly how to inspire people. With her authentic manner, her emotional language and her very special charisma she touches and captivates her audience. Her distinct understanding and sensitivity with which she has empathized in my work is unique and the result is something very special and very individual. As a laudator for my exhibition she was a true and indispensable benefit.

Marcel Rauschkolb

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou
Writer · civil rights activist

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

The little prince
Traveller between worlds

Human experience

The art of transforming personality into an experience.

Successful people and brands form their personality and expertise in a targeted manner. They are aware of the power of their appearance, which creates enthusiasm through experience-oriented communication.

Now a component is added in the course of time: authenticity. It becomes an essential basis for success.

As communications artist and intuitive guide, I help you to make your authentic personality and skills visible through inspiring communication.

Brand experience

The art of making values tangible three-dimensionally.

With more than 15 years of experience as a freelance concept designer and creative director for experience-oriented brand communication I offer you a wide range of expert knowledge and approaches that are of an international standard.

For Stage. Exhibition. Fair. Event.

Would you like a detailed insight into my references?

My communication is a mirror that touches, inspires and connects people - with each other and with themselves.

You have an idea for a joint project? I look forward to you.